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  Railway Communication Services  

Metrobil Technology Ltd, strengthened his organization in 2011 by acquiring railway communication project qualification based on our increasing communication infrastructure experience and growing organizational power.

Metrobil technology Ltd, renovate his corporate vision upon the advantage of opportunities of Turkey’s increasing railway potential, especially on the high speed railway projects. Thus, Metrobil added new expertise upon the railway industry to his actual technical organizational capabilities.
Metrobil Technology Ltd, developed new local and international business partnerships to undertake turnkey railway communication (fiber optic cable, coaxial cable and GSM) and signalization infrastructure projects. Our aim is to transfer all manner of our communication infrastructure (concrete, pvc, steel channels constructions, undersea cabling, horizontal drilling, system room and transmission tower) construction and communication hardware (transmission, SDH, radio, GSM, CCTV, announcement, PID) system planning, installation and commissioning expertise to railway projects.
Metrobil technology Ltd, has the ability to delivery project planning, feasibility, system engineering, material supply, network application, maintenance, test and measurement services.
Our focus on railway projects:
  • Communication infrastructure material (cables, junctions, transmission equipments) supply.
  • Communication infrastructure (concrete or soil channel, horizontal drilling, bridge or culvert pass, tower)  construction.
  • Fiber optic or coaxial cabling, junction/coupling services and stabilization services of the high frequency coaxial cables.
  • Technical/System room construction (cabling, cabinet installation, raised floor, labeling)
  • GSM-R, transmission equipments, radios and railway line equipments (rail switches, switch engines, detectors, connection boxes, groundings, heater system, line phones) connections.
  • Turnkey station CCTV, announcement, PID and phone system installations.

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