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  CATV Network Construction and Maintenance Services  

Cable TV, is a multi-channel TV system transmitting high quality video and sound signal from a large number of digital or analog broadcast television and radio channel, via fiber optic and coaxial cable networks.

Cable TV infrastructure is a HFC (Hybrid - Fiber - Coaxial) network, a mixture of fiber optic and coaxial cable.

The Cable TV system different from the traditional television transmission systems (radio waves) do not request antenna and provide a fast two-way (upload and download) broadband connection with the broadcast center (headend). Cable TV (CATV) networks, regardless of distance in both directions and with an equal capacity can transmit voice, video, data, video conferencing, video-on-demand, Internet, FM radio, interactive services, remote education and shopping application services.

Our Service Scope in Cable TV network

New cable TV network design and Project engineering
Cable TV network infrastructure construction and commissioning
Cable TV active and passive network upgrades
Cable TV infrastructure revision and improvement projects
7/18 Hours field service organization
Headend and outdoor cabinet installation and maintenance
Infrastructure (building and underground network) services
Customer oriented enterprise marketing activities.
Marketing and sales services based on call center customer data network.

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